Blue Ridge Karate

Teenager & Adult Karate Classes

$19.95 Introductory Offer!!!

Imagine your child more healthy, confident, and happier! This introductory offer includes a free karate uniform and (2) private karate lessons at Blue Ridge Karate Center in Mars Hill, NC.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a message through our contact page or call us directly at 828-380-3620

Our Classes Build Skills For Life

Blue Ridge Karate classes are highly structured and follow a progression format, where students are constantly encouraged to do their best, as they learn various skills and techniques that help them develop both physically and mentally.

Adult and Teens class times are on Monday and Wednesday 8:00-8:50 or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00-8:50

Get in shape while learning life skills and the ability to defend yourself with simple and practical self-defense moves.  Here you can push yourself to be better while meeting great people.

Looking for kid classes? We also offer classes for kids ages 5-7 and also a kids class for ages 8-11.

Million Americans enrolled in Karate in 2016

Million Were Adults

Million Were Teenagers

Million Were Children 12 & Under

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